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Recent Works

These are a sample of the last works made by our company, in Graphic
Design, Web Design, Videos, Social Media, etc.

Giovanni Socialite

Change of image and logo for giovannisocialite.com Photo & Video


Yess Radio

Creation of Logo and Corporative Image of Yessradio.com


Husa Radio

Development and maintenance of the website of husaradio.com


Yess Radio

Development and positioning of the YessRadio.com website


Giovanni Socialite

Producion de video, para Giovanni Socialite


Plan 3

3D Architecture


Smith Inmigration

Logo for Smith Inmigration Law Offie



Web positioning


Our Service

We have a team of professionals who are responsible for different areas, to achieve the
success of a campaign and your success in your business.


Communication between graphic design & web design


Processes to increasing your visibility in search engines.


We expose your product and service on video


Unique 360 ° virtual tour of their business


Your BUSINESS, through virtual and massive networks


3d Exterior and Interior Rendering

Our strengths

We are a specially talented creative team that is the main strength of our advertising agency.







Post sale


Additional services for animation and videos

Our goals

We will start creating a script, for your video or animation to later be able to assemble the storyboard

We will create the illustrations in sequence with the aim of serving as a guide to understand a story, pre-visualize an animation or follow the structure of a film.
We will create the story, with cartoons to achieve a good result and with filming we will tell a story giving life to the characters.
we will look for a suitable voice for your project, of man, woman, serious or acute young person. to give that final toke to your project.


Our challenge lies in capturing the essence of a complex subject in a simple execution, via big ideas that position your brand and deliver clarity and creativity in equal measure.


We Working through-the-line, and take a holistic approach to concepts, devising print campaigns and audio-visual media that combine images with words in fresh and expressive forms. We’re adept at developing B2B.

We will use social media, press, television, billboards or any suitable means your budget Using effective and comprehensive advertising and marketing strategies that add value and generate building your brand and to give results for your business.

Perform each of our activities with the highest professionalism, ethics and innovation, always following our values and remembering at all times that our priority is the client. COMMUNICATE. TRANSMISSION MESSAGES, EMOTIONS AND SENSATIONS THAT GENERATE A LINK BETWEEN TRADEMARKS AND PEOPLE. WE COMMIT OURSELVES, WE COLLABORATE STRONGLY WITH YOU AND WE ARE LOOKING FOR CONSTANTLY NEW FORMATS, NEW FORMS OF COMMUNICATION.

Agenciactiva.net is an advertising and marketing agency with 10 years of experience in the advertising industry. We are specialized in quality communication solutions to the needs of our clients, the creation, planning, development and execution of communication strategies 360°, ATL, BTL, digital and mobile marketing with measurable results. We help our clients to remain in the market and overcome their competition. We generate a brand positioning that increases the sales of our customers exponentially.

Famous Quotes

The secret of my success was to surround myself with people better than me.

-Andrew Carnegie 1835 - 1919

“Poor companies ignore their competitors; the companies of the heap copied from their competitors; Winning companies lead the way to their competitors”,

-Philip Kotler. 1931 - ...

Our Partners

We are part of the group of companies of Senna Business LLC., Integrated by Senna Film, Active Agency, Husa Radio, Yess Radio, Giovanni Socialite and Flagshipphotos.

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