About Agenciactiva.net

We are a team of professionals who seek to provide the best service for their clients, making a marketing plan which will help us to start an advertising campaign, for the positioning of your brand or product in the local, national or international market. world. Realizing an innovative design, a captivating video, depending on your budget and objectives, come with us so that together we can look for your success.

Do you know what role advertising plays in your business ?, and you know that you can not advertise for advertising.

Agenciactiva.net, is your creative partner that will make a study and EVALUATE the most appropriate media according to your target audience, seeing schedules, media and more suitable programs. Managing your budget to make the most of it! We want you to obtain the highest profitability for your investment ... and to see you grow!










We focus on the right environment for each of our clients, we look for alternatives and means, committed to doing more with less and looking for options, only adequate means for the appropriate messages according to the objectives set.

Giovanni Munoz

Founder and CEO

He is an experienced and passionate creative publicist who seeks to exponentiate the results that his clients want, for a satisfaction and consequent success of the trusted layer

Lou Babich

Social Media

Specialist in Social Media advertising campaigns and marketing, especially digital. work that is carried out online with more people with experience in the market.

Jhon Doe

Multimedia Producer

Multimedia Producer is expected to stay current on emerging and new digital trends, the latest in video equipment, and best practices in video production.

Jorge Cha

Video Producer

A media producer can work in the field of television, broadcasting, movies and in commercial services. With excellent organizational and management skills. A media producer in fact takes care and looks after the complete aspects of media production.